Vegetables Cultivation Management Course - Round 2

Author: ECO Consult
Date: Mar 17, 2022

Within the Make Horticultural Knowledge Work Project, ECO Consult organized the first training the "Vegetables Cultivation Management Course”, from March 13-17, 2022. The course was hosted in Amman - Jordan and conducted by Dr. Fuad Salameh to several Engineers from the Agricultural Extension Services.

The training course addressed many aspects, starting from the farm and greenhouses types and differences, soil preparation and seedlings to the utilized irrigation methods. Within this course the participants learned the best agricultural practices in growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

During the last day, a field visit was made to Muhammad Abu Sido Farms in Jordan Valley, where the participants were able to examine the methods used in the tomatoes and peppers production in the Multi-span Greenhouse.

Video of the training.

Linkedin video