Soilless Agriculture - Round 2

Author: ECO Consult
Date: Mar 31, 2022

ECO Consult organized the third training for the Agricultural Extension Services, thus concluding the "Make Horticultural Knowledge Work" project.

The Soilless Agriculture training course was from March 27-31, 2022 in Amman - Jordan by Eng. Imad Quran.

The training course addressed many aspects; comparing traditional farming to soilless and aquaponic farming. Additionally, addressing the different utilized systems for several crops, nutrient solutions, irrigation systems, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

Two field visits were conducted during the training course. The first to Al-Faisal Nurseries and the second to Eng. Mohammad Abu Sido Farms to observe the most suitable systems for each crop.

Video of the training.

Linkedin video