Soilless Agriculture - Round 2

Author: ECO Consult
Date: Feb 10, 2022

Within the Make Horticultural Knowledge Work Project, ECO Consult organized the Soilless Agriculture Course, from February 6 -10, 2022. The course was hosted in Amman - Jordan and conducted by Eng. Nidal Bader to the Balqa Applied University staff.

The course included theoretical sessions in addition to a practical visit to Al-Khair Farm in Al-Baqaa that utilizes the Raft Systems to produce different leafy crops and Al-Jabali Farm that produces strawberry in a Multi-span GH in Um Al-Amad.

The Soilless Agriculture Course compared the traditional farming to soilless agriculture, addressing several topics starting from the Aquaponics and soilless agriculture basics to the implemented systems and components throughout the several stages of cultivation management.

Video of the training.

Linkedin Video