Principles of Soilless Agriculture for Refugees

Author: ECO Consult
Date: Mar 8, 2022

Within the Make Horticultural Knowledge Work Project, ECO Consult conducted a training course for the Syrian Refugees in Mafraq on the Principles of Soilless Agriculture by Eng. Abdulrahman Kharouf, from March 6-8, 2022. The course was hosted in Ayadi Al-Badeyah, a local CBO in Mafraq - Jordan.

The course included several topics, from an introduction to the soilless agriculture, soilless agriculture system parts and components and their roles, to suitable crops for each system. Moreover, the training addressed the soilless agriculture systems installation, operation and maintenance.

On the third day the participants practiced in the Green House, through planting the lettuce crops in a raft system. The participants learned lettuce transplants handling, system preparation, mixing the fertilizers through utilizing different equipment.

Video of the training.

Linkedin Video