First Hackathon

Author: Universities
Date: Oct 28, 2021

On October 28, 2021 we organized the first students HACKATHON in the Make Horticulture Knowledge Work Project.

The hackathon was an interactive event bringing together students from the University of Duhok and the University of Basra in Iraq, the Jordan University for Science and Technology in Jordan and Lentiz | MBO Oostland in the Netherlands.

Hackathon’s theme was: Closing Gap Education and Labour Market. Participants competed in teams and were prompted to present their most innovative solutions to address the topic at hand tailored to the local context in the participating countries. A team of coaches and mentors contributed in the event by sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with students. Discussions aimed at guiding participants to reflect, test and present their best ideas. The full day event was a great opportunity for students to learn, innovate, exchange experiences and create linkages with their peers. The venue also presented with an opportunity to interact directly with professionals of different backgrounds and expertise. At the end of the day the jury consisting of representatives from each country voted for the winner team with the most original concept. The Jordan University for Science and Technology team came first place for their solid ideas, creativity and team work.

The Make Horticulture Knowledge Work project is supported by Nuffic with the objective of strengthening national institutional capacities in efficient and sustainable horticulture farming with a focus on applied skills development and improved agricultural education structures.