Who can apply for the Scholarship Program?

Qualified applicants for the Scholarship Program are; employees, students and horticulture practitioners in both Iraq and Jordan. Those include: non-profit organizations, the private sector, public institutions, academia, research and enabling institutions.

How can we apply for the Scholarships?

All applicants are encouraged to apply through the ‘Make Horticulture Knowledge Work’ project website, through the apply button under the scholarship window.

When will I be able to apply?

The announcements will be available on the website so please make sure to regularly check our website on available courses.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

While applicants can apply for more than one scholarship the program is keen on awarding the largest number possible. If you did succeed in winning a scholarship already the priority will be given to those who have not with the same qualifications.

If I get rejected, can I re-apply for the next scholarship round

Our scholarships are divided over 3 rounds, each contains several courses to provide with equal opportunities for all. Thus, if you were rejected in one round for not meeting criteria you can re-apply to the following round.

Can I still go to work, university, school during the scholarship?

How will I track the status of my application?

The Scholarship Team will contact you one time only. Names of successful candidates will be posted on the project website. Official letters will be dispatched to all applicants of their status. Depending on status, some applicants might be contacted to provide with additional documents.

My scholarship application has been successful, how can I accept my award?

After the selection process the names of the scholarship awardees will be posted on the website. Successful candidates will receive official acceptance letters.

What expenses does the scholarship include?

The Scholarship Program fulfills all tuition fees, books and housing. Additionally, the Scholarship will cover half of the living expenses in accordance to the average student living rates in the Netherlands.

Can I withdraw from the scholarship?

You must notify the Scholarship Program if you are not able to attend the course or is keen on withdrawing from the program within 3 weeks prior to the course starting date.

What will happen if we did not submit all requested documents?

The Scholarship Program is responsible for receiving and acknowledging receipt of all timely submitted applications on the announced closing date. Please note that late submissions will be disregarded. In case that an eligible application is missing some documents, the Scholarship Program will contact and notify the applicant on the incomplete application and advise on submitting full documents within an announced timeframe.

How is an applicant selected?

The Scholarship procedure is a competitive process, selection is based on meeting identified criteria published in each round.

How do I know if I got accepted?

The Scholarship Program will notify the awarded applicants and send official acceptance letters. Simultaneously, successful candidates are announced on the website.

Is it possible to terminate the Scholarship?

Awards can be terminated in the following cases:

  • If the awardee has provided false or misleading information and as a result the scholarship was awarded.
  • If the awardee relinquishes the Scholarship or withdraws from the course/program.
  • If the awardee’s enrolment is terminated for any reason, or fails to maintain their enrollment; by not attending the entire course including excursions, and not submitting an official request or contacting the Scholarship Program in case of non-attending.